Some history

Founder and director of Send Me Ministry is pastor Kazik Barczuk.
Send Me Ministry, which exists to help and bring people to God.
The Ministry – this word because it contains the essence of true support in the broad sense as well as help in building relationships and in restoring relationship of men with God.
Send Me – Since this is a quote from the Bible – Here I am, send me … (Isaiah 6;8), which inspired us to action.


In the late nineties, together with my wife Dorota Barczuk we began ministry among the Jews in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine (the former Soviet republics). The main objective of this ministry was humanitarian aid. This aid was the result of our observations.
Old and sick people, former prisoners of the ghettos and concentration camps, widows, orphans these were particularly vulnerable groups in the new social and economic situation then. Many of these people, and they were mostly pensioners did not have any resources for living.
Seeing the enormity of needs in 1998, along with my friends we founded the Foundation for Humanitarian Aid Chewra. Through cooperation of Polish people with people from other countries, we have managed to combine actions of various organizations, through which aid could reach thousands of poor people. Many social organizations, foundations, churches and private donors in the country and abroad have joined in actions of our foundation.
In September 2003 together with my wife, Dorota we founded – Send Me Ministry.
Send Me Ministry is a continuation of the Foundation for Humanitarian Aid Chewra.
Bearing in mind that even the smallest help can change someone’s life, we want to continue our ministry, and expand “our borders” of missionary and pastoral activities.

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